About Us

The Savannah State University National Alumni Association – District of Columbia is chartered by the Savannah State University National Alumni Association and is organized to provide a local organization for SSUNAA members in the Washington metropolitan area which includes all of the District of Columbia and parts of Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and a small portion of West Virginia. The primary purpose is to promote the welfare of Savannah State University and to assist in advancing the mission and the goals of the university’s administration as we meaningfully engage and support Savannah State University and its alumni community.


55354The SSUNAA Washington DC Chapter is a participating member of the DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance.

Chapter History

The chapter was officially chartered in 1957 in Washington, DC.


Chapter membership is open to any graduate or former student of Georgia State Industrial College for Colored Youth, Georgia State College, Savannah State College, and/or Savannah State University who is currently a member of the Savannah State University National Alumni Association.

National Dues: $70 per year
Local Chapter Dues: $50 per year

NOTE: The first year of SSUNAA National Membership dues are waived for one year after graduating from Savannah State University.

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